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Making sure that your voice is heard is one of the primary advantagesof being a member of NAR. From lobbying to grassroots advocacy, thepower of being part of over one million members works for you onCapitol Hill every day. Learn more about NAR's Government Affairs activities and RPAC, the largest and most influential PAC.

NARhas been ranked as the 9th most influential interest group on CapitolHill. This is in large part due to the strength of RPAC. RPAC has beenthe largest contributor to federal candidates for the last 3 electioncycles. In the 2004 Election Cycle, RPAC contributed over $4 milliondirectly to candidates a new record. What's just as important, RPAC isnot only powerful, but also bipartisan. Political party is not acriteria we support candidates who support REALTORSĀ®. In addition todirect contributions, RPAC sent out hundreds of thousands of pieces ofmail to our members encouraging them to vote for REALTORĀ®-supportedcandidates. Thru our Independent Expenditure program, RPAC spent over$2.6 million dollars in support of six candidates in highly competitiveraces in which all were successful. But all this political muscle needsyour help to keep it competitive and effective. RPAC shattered itsprevious fundraising record by raising $5.4 million in 2004 and I vowwe'll do even better in 2005 thanks to the support of Realtorsupporters like yourself. We hope you find this page useful inassisting you with your RPAC efforts. Please feel free to contact anyof the RPAC Trustees or NAR staff if we may be of further assistance.Always remember, RPAC is your best investment in preserving the rightto own real estate and protecting our industry.