REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training vs New Jersey Real Estate Commission Continuing Education

Are you confused about the difference between the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training requirement and the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (NJREC) Continuing Education requirements? If so, CLICK HERE for more information.

New Jersey Real Estate Commission Continuing Education Requirement

The New Jersey Real Estate Commission mandates that all real estate licensees complete 12 continuing education credits every two years to maintain their licenses. The current 2015-17 cycle will close on April 30, 2017. Any credits submitted between May 1 and June 30, 2017 will be subject to a $200 processing fee in addition to the license renewal fee. Any licensee who does not complete their credits by June 30, 2017 will lose their license and is subject to the 2015-17 CE cycle and any fees associated with reinstating a license.

Key Facts about CE:

  • You must complete 12 continuing education credit hours
  • At least two hours must be completed in ethics training
  • At least six hours must be completed in core topics (ethics included)
  • The six remaining hours may be completed in core or elective topics

Important Date:

  • July 1, 2017: New CE cycle begins. All licensees who did not renew or submit CE credits may no longer practice real estate until license is reinstated.

New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s Complete Continuing Education Requirements:

Online CE Tracking System- PSI Site

Want to check how many credits you have for license renewal? Click HERE to check your CE Credits.

PSI Exams- New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s Online Continuing Education Tracking System

What is PSI Exams?
PSI Exams is the New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s online CE tracking system. In addition to tracking all of your CE credits (those taken on New Jersey REALTORS® Academy of Continuing Education as well as every other provider), you can also search for approved providers and courses.

How do I login to the PSI website?
Your initial password is “L” plus your License Reference Number plus the last 4 digits of your SSN (ex: L00100019999). After your initial login, you may click on ‘My Account’ to add an email address and change your password. If you require assistance logging in, please contact PSI directly at or 877-526-6833.

Continuing Education Classes Available with MCAR

The following NJREC approved Continuing Education Classes have been added:

To register members go to New Jersey REALTORS® ACE- Academy of Continuing Education:

Non-Members: Contact the MCAR Office at (732) 442.3400 x103

Students must CHECK-IN and provide a photo ID. Students must also CHECK-OUT at the conclusion of the class to receive CE credit. Anyone who misses 15 minutes or more of the class will not receive CE credit.

Online CE Classes – The CE Shop

To meet your license renewal requirements with the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, you can take online NJCE classes through The CE Shop. Go to:

The CE Shop offers two Ethics courses that also meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics requirement for REALTOR® Membership:
Course Title: Code of Ethics: Good for your Clients and Your Business
Course Title: Commercial Ethics

The CE Shop