2022 New Member Application for Realtor Membership   2022_New_REALTOR_Application_Prorated_Monthly.pdf - 169,193 bytes
Click on the 2022 New Member Application for REALTOR Membership link above if you are looking to join the Metro Centre Association of REALTORS as a REALTOR member. Dues are prorated monthly for new members. This application is to be used by real estate licensees joining MCAR as a "new member".

2022 Local Transfer of Realtor Membership   Transfer_2022_Realtor_Local_App_Dec_2022.pdf - 183,266 bytes
Use this form to transfer your REALTOR Membership from your previous REALTOR board/association to MCAR. This form should be submitted along with a letter of good standing from your previous board/association.

Membership Amendment Form   Membership_Amendment_Form_Revised_9.29.17.pdf - 340,901 bytes
Existing members of the Metro Centre Association of REALTORS (MCAR) may use the Membership Amendment Form above to update membership contact information, office changes, and license status changes.