Posted Jan 1, 2019

Print Your Real Estate License at the NJREC/NJDOBI Online Licensing Services Brokers of Record, Broker-Salespersons, Salespersons, Referral Agents: To generate your pocket license, you must first login to NJDOBI Online Licensing Services (OLS) using the link at the bottom of this page. Once logged in, your OLS Main Menu contains a link regarding generating your license. Click the "Email My Individual License" menu item. You will be instructed on how to view, save, print, or email your license. Please note that the license can only be emailed to an email address filed with NJDOBI OLS (the ability of filing an email with NJDOBI OLS is also available through your OLS Main Menu). As noted above, the individual license is now also the pocket card. You have two options: 1. Carry a physical copy of your pocket card license 2. Have a digital image of your pocket card license in your possession (cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic device) Regardless which option you choose, you must have either the paper or digital pocket card license in your possession at all times when engaged in the business of a real estate broker, broker-salesperson, salesperson or referral agent and must be able to produce the physical or electronic image of your pocket card license upon request.

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