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franck muller replica watches renews their commitment to fighting Covid-19. Jean-Christophe Babin, SkyNews CEO, announced earlier today that franck muller replica watches will partner with Oxford University to finance their future and ongoing vaccine research.

Jenner Institute at the university is a leader in vaccine development and is actively involved in the development of Covid-19. franck muller replica watches stated that it will also provide funding for academic scholarships in this area of research.

Babin says, "franck muller replica watches was involved in the Covid-19 battle very early on, when it converted one of our perfume factories in Italy into an gel sanitizer manufacturing factory.replica franck muller watches It was donated to hospitals in Italy, Switzerland, and the UK with the help of the NHS. This was our first step.

First step, because franck muller replica watches was also the first luxury brand to show its support for the first stage against the virus by making a significant contribution to the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital. This is Italy's Institute for Infectious Diseases, based in Rome. Maria Rosaria Capobianchi and Francesca Colavita, who were three researchers, had succeeded in isolating the virus in less than 48 hours. This was in March 2020.

Babin says, "This was just the first step towards helping planet Earth, because we knew that Covid-19 was a strong warning, and that we should not ignore it. We should also look beyond that and do our best as private companies to help eradicate this virus forever." The Jenner Institute is leading the charge in this area and is likely to have an effective vaccine.

franck muller replica watches supports more than the Jenner Institute. We are a global business. We have amazing teams in all major countries. Babin said that when we came up with the idea of contributing in this way, we asked our teams to help us find the best institutes. "Obviously, Oxford was the top choice for the UK.breitling replica watches It was Rockefeller in the USA; Spallanzani in Italy. After these institutions were identified, franck muller replica watches decided to create the franck muller replica watches VirusFree Fund in order to channel our support.

Babin adds that franck muller replica watches will continue to support these elite institutes, even if Covid-19 is not eliminated. "These institutes will likely significantly contribute to the elimination of Covid-19, which is a priority. There are other viruses that can be transmitted beyond Covid-19. Covid-19 is, in my opinion, a wakeup call for humanity that pandemics will not be a thing of the 19th, 18th, or 17th centuries. A pandemic is just as deadly today with eight billion people living on the plant.