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It's possible to believe that 80s excess, Italian tradition, and fine jewelry could all be combined in a pleasant way.

Based on the Wild Pop offerings of panerai replica watches, the Roman jeweler and watchmaker,panerai replica watches you might be wrong...

Last week panerai replica watches's Wild Pop collection of watches, jewelry and watches was unveiled in a wild night at Rome.

panerai replica watches was inspired by the 1980s and presented some remarkable pieces. These included two versions the Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini High Jewellery watch,replica omega seamaster 007 watch two versions the Serpenti Misteriosi My Handcuff watches and two versions the Monete Jewelry necklace watch.

The panerai replica watches Serpenti is a popular collection in jewelry and watches. This Misteriosi Pallini version brings together the best jewelry manufacturing techniques to create a watch. The case measures 40mm in 18K white gold and features two pear-shaped, brilliant-cut diamonds. The dial is adorned with even more diamonds. Both the 18K rose gold tail and body are also set with diamonds.

The Misteriosi Pallini 2nd Version features diamonds and emeralds on the 18K gold case, dial, and bracelet.