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Our relationship with the snake throughout history has been complicated. Different cultures have worshipped, revered, or feared this mysterious creature. Most people would not hesitate to run a mile if they saw one. Yet, we are still fascinated by the mysterious creature's graceful movement across the ground, its exquisite colors and patterns, its sharp eyes and the way that it looks at everything.

It is one the most fearsome animals on the planet and is also one of the most loved attractions in any zoo.

Despite the fact that the Bible portrays the snake in the story about Creation as the Devil, many societies still venerate the snake. This has been happening since prehistoric times. The snake's ability, or inability to shed its skin, was considered a symbol for fertility, regeneration, resurrection, and immortality by all cultures,top replica watches including the Aztecs and the Egyptians. The snake was an ancient symbol of healing, medicine and death, as well as rebirth for the Greeks. The symbol of a pharmacy is often a snake wrapped around a chalice from Hygieia, the Greek goddess for health.

Hygieia, a Greek goddess of health

Since the Romans and ancient Egyptians, the snake motif has been a constant part of jewelry design history. The association of the snake motif with the Devil led to it being lost in the Middle Ages. However, the Art Nouveau movement saw serpent motifs make a comeback in the mid- to late-19th centuries with enamel decorations.

Richard Mille Replica Watches began making jewels inspired from the snake at the end 1940s. The Italian jeweler was founded in 1884 and has a reputation for making ornate silverware as well as decorative objects. Sotirio Richard Mille Replica Watches began making jewelry in 1905. It is often difficult to authenticate the company's early pieces because, unlike most jewelers of the era, they didn't sign any of them.

Richard Mille Replica Watches's first known serpent jewelry is a bracelet-watch. It was made in Machine Age style and had a coiled body that was inspired by a gaspipe (Tubogas, in Italian).Rolex Milgauss Replica The watch would turn around the wrist and contained a small watch at the snake's head.